Describe the ideal members-only airport lounge
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Imagine you are out of college and in the workforce. You fly regularly for your job, all expenses paid. Part of your perks include use of the airlines' membership-only lounge while you wait between flights. The lounge exceeds your needs and expectations.

Our goal is to create this lounge and expectation-exceeding experience for a Millennial audience. How can we meet the needs of this group? What amenities do Millennials want to see offered in a private airport lounge? Let us know!

Special Reward: The top 3 solvers will receive a single visit pass to visit a Delta Sky Club on their next trip!


NOTE: We are looking for your most outside the box, blue ocean, moonshot solution that avoids the conventional. The best ideas will imagine something capable in the future, something implementable in 5, 10, or maybe 20 years, but not now!

Check out our current Sky Club perks and amenities, then answer each item separately.

1. Describe your ideal lounge experience (check below for considerations).

2. Why will your lounge experience be appealing to a Millennial audience?

3. (Optional) Sketches, drawings, mock-ups, charts, videos, graphs or any other visuals that support your argument

Bonus: Present your submission as a presentation (Powerpoint, Slideshare, Prezi, or similar) or with a video (include Dropbox or YouTube link in submission box).

Consider including the following in your proposal for the ideal lounge experience:

- Check-in procedures

- Physical environment (furnishings, layout, etc.)

- Technological or digital offerings

- Social factors

- Ambience

- Food & beverage offerings

- Entertainment

- Unusual or creative features

Things to consider:

- Cite sources! Referencing articles or statistics that back up your claims about what Millennials will enjoy is strongly encouraged.

- Layouts? We’d love to see mock ups of a layout for a potential lounge, what would your setup look like?

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Top 10% share $625 Next 15% share $250 Next 25% share $125
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