Can you build a sleep tracking solution that will help patients?
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NOTE: GlaxoSmithKline says this challenge is a great way to make yourself stand out as a candidate for future internships or full-time employment at GSK!

Patients who have been diagnosed or in the pre-diagnosis phase of a range of diseases, often report fatigue or sleep problems as a concern to their doctor. Sometimes, it is the sleep disturbance that brings the patient to the doctor. For example, people with asthma can experience night-time coughing, wheezing, and episodes of breathlessness that disrupt sleep. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute notes that 20 million Americans can be affected by such symptoms. In other illnesses, like cancer, tracking of sleep has documented considerable sleep disruption, including poor quality and quantity of sleep at night and excessive sleep episodes during the day. 

We are seeking a simple solution to monitor sleep and wakefulness. This could be a mobile app that uses the microphone in one’s phone to record patterns and/ or monitor sleep and breathing, or by taking a completely different approach to tracking sleep that doesn’t require a phone. Other alternative solutions could involve targeting less tech-savvy patients who might be more included to use something other than a smartphone. 

Our goal is to measure all aspects of sleep quality e.g. duration, periods of wakefulness, hours, times waking, episodes of sleepiness during the day, coughing, breathlessness, wheezing etc. 

Additionally, we want to focus on improving the many sleep tracking apps which are available today but have low adherence once downloaded. 

In addition to paying $1,600 to the top 50% of solvers, we will reward two grand prizes of $200 each.


Design a solution that will track sleep wakefulness quality and quantity for patients / and potentially provide a simple visualization or scale helpful to users. 

  1. Explain the structure of your solution. How will the patient interact with the solution? What will it monitor, and how?
  2. How will the solution enable medical care providers to quickly and easily check on a patient’s sleep? Ideally, your tracker will send data anonymously as to allow transfer of protected data so physicians can track care. 
  3. If your tracker doesn’t use an app or connected device, how does it monitor the patient? Does it include quality of life questionnaire or visual scale?
  4. Provide a link to the live deployed solution (can use Heroku, Github pages, or another tool)
  5. Provide a Github link to your code. 

We encourage you to be creative with what already exists, such as in-phone technology, but we still want your idea to be out of the box. Ideal responses will be user-friendly, and explore ways to encourage adherence to the program. 

NOTE: We want to see your coding. Using existing hardware doesn't exempt you from this requirement.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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