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How can we make your day-to-day life more “intelligent”?
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56 months ago
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“Intelligent” and “Smart” products are taking over industries all over the world. Smart refrigerators track the food that comes in and out of them. Intelligent thermostats can regulate the temperature of your house depending on your routine and the weather. Smart lightbulbs can connect to your phone and serve as a gentle alarm clock.

We’re moving forward into the “smart” age.

We want to know: How can we make your day-to-day life smarter? How can we use intelligent technology to enhance the way you go about work, play, and whatever else fills up your schedule? Could a smart shoe track the most efficient route to class? Could an intelligent stove make the perfect cup of ramen ready-to-go when you get home? Tell us how to make a portion (or all of your life!) smarter!


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