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Create a Millennial focused Call to Action for our line of dinners
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67 months ago
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Knorr is a brand of pasta and rice sides that are the foundation to a delicious main meal. All you have to do is take your Knorr Side, add some protein and veggies and you have a whole new idea for dinner.

Right now, we use the line "Create a family favorite tonight” as our Call to Action that appears on our in-store signs and displays, along with a beautiful image of a delicious dish. This line is meant to motivate consumers to immediately purchase Knorr Sides by inspiring them with a new idea for dinner. In the past, we have used the line “What’s for Dinner?” as our Call to Action. Although it was relevant to what was on consumers’ minds while shopping, it also caused anxiety because they were already stressed about what to make for dinner.

Moving into the future, we are working to meet new consumers in a new market place, and want our brand’s image to reflect that shift. What words can we say (alongside our beautiful dish image) to motivate and inspire modern consumers, and Millennials in particular, to buy our brand when they see our products in store?


Propose a new Call to Action (CTA) that targets Millennials for our line of dinners:

1. What is your Call to Action? (Please open with your call to action and/or make it your solution title)

2. (Optional) Why do you think this CTA will be effective in the modern market and resonate with Millennials?

3. (Optional) Images, videos, mock-ups or any other visuals that enhance the presentation of your Call to Action

4. (Optional) Repeat steps one and two for a second Call to Action

Things to consider:

- A good Call to Action is short and “punchy”, it inspires consumers to take action (purchase our product), it should not be an all encompassing brand slogan.

- Your Call to Action should fit with the Knorr Brand, spur consumers to action, and essentially be a modernized version of our “Create a family favorite tonight” Call to Action

- Your Call to Action will be used for advertising purposes (in-store sign 1, in-store 2) and on displays

- It’s important that the line is appropriate for a family favorite brand like Knorr

- It’s also important that the line remains true to our brand values: authenticity, generosity, inspiration and joy

- It should also maintain a positive sentiment and be solution-focused (like “Create a family favorite tonight”), versus feeling negative and reminding Mom of her problem (like “What’s for dinner?”)

- Call to Action should be no more than 12 words

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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