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How should we change the perception of canned soup?
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41 months ago
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Soup in the refrigerated section of the grocery store is often perceived as fresher and healthier than canned soup. For canned soup to compete, we must change the perception of the product, through a change in the way we market canned soup, the can itself, and the product in the can.

We are open to your ideas for longterm or immediate changes, but approaches that will create a positive impact over the longer term are preferred.


Tell us how you would change the perception of canned soup. Specifically, answer the following questions:

  1. What underlying attributes of canned food might make it a better, healthier, or more rewarding choice for consumers when compared to other mediums? Which of these attributes do we underemphasize?
  2. How might you alter the shape and size of the soup can to change the perception of the product? Explain your reasoning, and consider including a visual of some sort to illustr