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Stew up a new chili recipe
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Chili historically is eaten at dinner with a small percentage at lunch. The bulk of chili meals are made from scratch at home over the weekend. There are usually leftovers that can be brought to work the following week and eaten for lunch. Chili is typically made with beef, beans and tomatoes as a base and usually includes toppers or cornbread or added fresh ingredients to complete the meal.


We are interested in new ideas for homemade quality, chili. Be creative and suggest unique flavors, ingredients, or ethnic twists that differentiate your proposal from what is available today in the grocery store.

Please submit an idea for a chili meal that can be prepared within a 30 minute range. This could mean ready-to-heat-and-eat, or an idea that requires 30 minutes or less of prep time. Your solution must include:

1) An artistic rendering (picture, mockup, diagram, etc.) of the assembly necessary for your idea

2) A written list