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How can we personalize research for individual students?
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63 months ago
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When conducting research or writing a paper, it's important to make sure to review and cite verified sources. Unfortunately, finding those sources can be a long and arduous process. Searching databases can be useful, but often yields irrelevant results that end up wasting time. Standard online searches deliver quick results, but are not always from the most reliable sources.

There are opportunities to eliminate the need to review such useless resources during search. By providing a small amount of personal information and context prior to a search, much more accurate and applicable results can be yielded. How can this be done in the most effective way possible?


Propose a method to personalize research search results for students:

1. What tools do you use for research currently and why do you like/dislike them?

2. What information can we collect from students when they are doing their research?

3. How will that information be used to personalize searc