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Submit 3 names for our new brand of economy hotels

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A prominent hospitality company is considering developing a new economy/budget hotel brand that is targeted at the modern traveler. The brand will provide more stylish design than typically experienced in economy-tier hotels. The design centerpiece is the room, which offers a relaxed, stylish environment with comfortable bedding and a chic, modern-feeling bathroom. The spacious lobby provides guests with an attractive area where they can meet with friends, work, or relax.

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Propose THREE names for this new hotel brand. Names should be catchy (like LiV, Vox, Yu, Signal, or Caya) and have global potential. Avoid proposing names that are 1) Overly descriptive like “Economy Hotel” or 2) Similar to any existing hospitality or restaurant chains (please do a quick Google check).

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- University of Toronto
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- Stanford University
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- Carnegie Mellon University
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- Grinnell College
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- The Ohio State University
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- Southern Methodist University
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- California Institute of Technology
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- University of Michigan
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- Columbia University
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