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How can we change our product shipping to create a zero-waste world?
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8 months ago
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NOTE: We’ve received many fantastic ideas around the use of recyclable and re-usable packaging for the manufactured goods, we would now be extremely interested to hear your ideas beyond the single manufactured item – and to consider sustainable solutions around the larger transit unit (consider the packaging and movement of bulk loads and outer cases containing a volume of the final manufactured good).

As a leading global supply chain solutions company, we help customers move goods more efficiently and sustainably. Our solutions form the invisible backbone of the global supply chain and are trusted by the world's biggest brands to enable them to move their products on time in every region. 

Companies examine every aspect of their supply chains to minimize costs and reducing waste is a key component. That's especially true of our customers in the pre-packaged consumer goods and food & beverage industries. In those companies, damaged and expired-upon-arrival products cannot be sold, creating significant risk to their business. Those products are effectively waste, and when combined with a growing push to reduce single-use packaging, it's easy to see why we need solutions that work toward our goal of creating a zero waste world.

We want your help identifying how we can collaborate with our customer companies to work toward a zero waste vision.  We're interested in everything from food waste reduction and what reusable solutions could reduce waste to better identifying companies that have set the standard of excellence in circular solutions and waste upcycling.


Tell us how to get closer to a zero waste world in our global supply chain business, with a focus on pre-packaged food, beverage, and consumer products. Specifically, answer the following in detail:

  1. Explain your idea(s) that can be applied with leading "CPG" Consumer Packaged Goods companies (food, beverage, and other consumer products) to reduce, upcycle, or unlock additional value from "single-use" packaging.
  2. What methods can be used to reduce the volume of damaged goods (food, beverage, and other consumer products) within the supply chain journey?
  3. How can leading Manufacturers of Consumer Packaged Goods and Retailers become more "circular" through the use of re-usable solutions (considering product, packaging, and logistics) and work toward a zero-waste supply chain?
  4. What manufacturers, retailers, or startups do a great job or enable the elimination of waste in the retail supply chain? Please link to relevant examples and explain why they are so effective.
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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