What's your groundbreaking idea for eco-friendly shave products/packaging?
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11 months ago
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For many consumers (and perhaps you!) sustainability is a growing priority when it comes to product selection and brand loyalty.   Simultaneously, we are seeing increased government regulation in terms of energy usage, material sourcing, and waste, such as the single-use plastic ban being proposed in the EU. 

As a leading personal care company, it's important that we strive to minimize our impact to the planet, both in our operations and the products we bring to market.  Today, we are looking for novel solutions for wet-shave devices (e.g. razors) and their packaging.  Ideally, solutions will reduce or completely eliminate plastics in our wet-shave products and packaging and instead utilize sustainable (natural and/or renewable) materials.  Additionally, we want to reduce product and packaging waste.


We are interested in groundbreaking ideas for wet-shave devices (e.g. razors) and/or packaging that will minimize environmental impact without compromising effectiveness or durability of products.  In proposing your idea(s), please consider the following: 

  • Your idea could improve sustainability at any (or all) stages of the shaving product and packaging lifecycle, from manufacturing to usage to disposal.
  • Be creative!  Go beyond the current use of bio-plastics such as BPA.
  • Your idea should be feasible for high-volume production (think about processing conditions and high speed manufacturing).
  • Your product idea should be able to survive in the typical "bathroom" / usage environment of a razor.  Think of the shower, where there is high humidity, exposure to chemicals from other products, etc.
  • Any packaging ideas should also consider durability during shipping and protecting the product prior to usage.
  • Your idea should use sustainable materials and/or minimize waste. 
  • Please include any references or background information related to your proposed material sources.  We want to understand what inspired your idea and review any relevant sources that support it!

Begin by answering the survey questions below.  This includes submitting an executive summary of your idea.  Then, use the open text box for the full description of your idea.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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