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How can Taco Bell bring nostalgia to our frozen food offerings?
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Food often holds a powerful connection to our memories and emotions, invoking nostalgia by transporting us back to moments of joy, comfort, or significant experiences. Whether it's a dish from childhood, a family recipe, or a favorite meal from a specific restaurant, the taste, aroma, and experience associated with certain foods can evoke strong emotional feelings.

Taco Bell has long been renowned for its innovative and frequently changing menu, introducing limited-time offerings that often become fan favorites. These items, although cherished by many, can disappear from the menu, leaving enthusiasts longing for their return.

Recognizing this passion and the importance food in general can have on feelings of nostalgia, we want to know how Taco Bell can expand our frozen food line to provide this emotional experience to our consumers in a convenient, at-home format!

View: Taco Bell Menu (today)

  1. When it comes to food, what comes to mind as nostalgic?

  2. What about Taco Bell is nostalgic to you?

    • What is your favorite Taco Bell menu item that’s no longer on the menu? Describe the flavors, ingredients and overall experience that made it memorable. What is your favorite thing about it and what would you change, if anything?
  3. What is your idea for a NEW Taco Bell frozen food item that inspires nostalgia?

    • What is nostalgic about it and what inspired you?
    • NOTE: this cannot be a current Taco Bell restaurant menu item but can be a variation of something currently on the menu, or a menu item from the past
  4. Attach an artistic rendering of your idea (a sketch, drawing, mockup, etc.).

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
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