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Gaming and entertainment have evolved over the last few years. Casual gaming has taken new strides on the mobile phone, and even more immersive hard core gaming shows promise of heightened experiences through augmented and virtual reality. Even the way movies and user generated video are created and consumed has changed over the last few years as Facebook and YouTube are now offering 360 videos and continue to offer more online, high definition content.

Moving forward to the next five years... What are new and novel ways people will experience gaming and entertainment in 2020? If you could design the future of gaming and entertainment, what would you do?


Design the future gaming and entertainment experiences::

1. What is your future gaming experience?
2. What device or combination of devices, technologies, and surroundings are needed to deliver the experience?
3. (optional) Repeat deliverables (1) and (2) for one or more other gaming scenarios (eg: casual vs. immersive, home vs. arcade, on-the-go vs. static, etc.)
4. Give a detailed visual description of what your experience looks like
Use drawings, sketches, mock-ups, graphs or any other visuals that support your design (even a rudimentary sketch is fine- entries will not be judged on artistic merit)

Things to consider:

- There will be huge advances in many technological fields that are currently in their infancy. Consider and call out the specific technologies and assumptions that make your design possible. Some examples consider as “realities” in this time frame include:

- Cheaper high resolution displays and flexible/foldable/scrollable and projected displays
- High bandwidth, low latency wireless connections (5G wireless, next gen 802.11)
- Smaller compute / miniaturization of technology
- Powerful cloud based server farms with various services

- Don’t limit yourself to the existing infrastructure of devices and capabilities today – think through new categories such as wearables, head displays, or even categories that do not exist today.

- Winning submissions will be determined by the novelty and creativity of the design, description and illustrations.

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