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Take critical measurements while making paper
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83 months ago
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Paper is made by putting a mix of wood fiber and water through a series of processes, the most critical of which involves the mat of wood fiber and water being pressed between two rolls and a felt conveyor (press fabric) to remove moisture. In order for the felt to perform optimally, it must undergo many tests to ensure that things like pressure, moisture and temperature are at the proper levels.

Currently, these tests are implemented by workers through processes that are inefficient and sometimes even dangerous. With advances in electrical engineering and sensor technology, these practices are ready to be replaced with newer, safer and more efficient methods.


Propose a sensor, technology, or equipment to measure one (or more!) of the critical aspects below during the paper making process:


Uniformity of pressure







Submissions must include:

1. A written summary of your sensor or technology

2. How it would be implemented into the paper making process

3. (optional) Sketches or mock ups of your idea


- Sensors should be embeddable into the felt like material that presses the paper

- Sensors should function in a wet or saturated environment

- Sensors should operate under a cyclic loading on 1Hz & 1500 PSI for up to 3 million cycles

- Sensors should be 2x2 millimeters or less OR less than 1 millimeter wide but of indefinite length

- Sensors should be durable and reusable or inexpensive if disposable

- You can submit ideas that utilize existing technologies or suggest partners that could help in creating said technology, but you must include a method to implement said tech/partner

- Submissions that propose techniques that partially solve this issue (e.g. can measure pressure and temperature but not moisture) are welcome

- Sensors that are embeddable into the felt like material that presses the paper are a great way to tackle this project

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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