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The future of the disposable diaper
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Moms have a lot on their plate, and diaper changing is a necessary task that goes along with having babies. Along with changing a squirmy child, messes and leaks during use can cause extra stress. The current function of the diaper is to contain urine and BM, while being easy to use and comfortable for the baby. With all this in mind, what do you think is the future of diapers in the next 5-10 years? What solutions could be created or implemented to help assist moms in some or all of these areas?


Propose a solution that could improve one or more of the following areas:

- Diaper functionality

- Cost of diapers

- Odor prevention

The solution could be adding a new feature to a diaper (and removing old ones if necessary) or redesigning the diaper. Please be thorough in the explanation of what your idea is, and how it would be created or implemented. If helpful, attach designs or mockups of your solution.


- Be original and creative. If you think your idea might be currently available, just do some quick research to check before submitting your solution.

- Diaper must be safe for mom and baby

- Diaper must be intuitive and easy for mom to use

- Diaper has to be disposable or at least partially disposable

- Diaper must still be affordable.

- Technology must be available

**Note** Solutions that do not meet the deliverables and criteria wi