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Take tv news where it's never gone before with drones

As the public adopts new technologies in everyday life, television news must embrace those technologies for relevancy. To keep up with competitor broadcasts, social media, and the Internet as places audiences go for their news, television news programs must find a way to cover stories from unique perspectives.

Last year, the Federal Aviation Administration granted some television companies permission to use remotely-piloted aircraft, also known as drones, to shoot footage, provided the drones are 55 pounds or less. As drone technology progresses, the available video technology increases while price and bulk decreases. Today, drones are affordable, easy to operate, and capable of providing live, streaming video. Recently, news programs even used drones to broadcast live footage of an erupting volcano that would have been too dangerous for a news helicopter.

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22 months ago
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Ideal solutions will do the following:

(1) Identify situations in which small, affordable drones could significantly improve television news coverage.
(2) Include and explain at least one innovative way for national television news programs to use affordable drone technology.
(3) Include and explain at least one innovative way for local television news broadcasts to use affordable drone technology.
(4) Consider the pros and cons of using drone technology in breaking news situations versus planned coverage.

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