What's your packaging idea for a special e-commerce unboxing experience?
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12 months ago
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If you love the convenience of online shopping, then you are not alone!  Over 40% of internet users in the US purchase items online every month, and for 20% it's on a weekly basis.  It's become crucial for retailers to create an excellent online shopping experience, and an important component of this is their packaging.

These days,  if online retailers want to stay competitive and grow brand loyalty, they need to do more than deliver orders safely and on-time - they need to create a special experience for their customers.  Think of the thrill of anticipation when you open a package.  How could online retailers make this experience even better so that you want to shop with them again?


We are interested in creating an unboxing experience that will encourage repeat purchases and grow brand loyalty.  Specifically, answer the following:

  1. From your own experience, tell us which retailer(s) currently provide your favorite packaging for online orders.  What about it stands out to you and makes opening the package feel more special, exciting, personal, or memorable?
  2. What is your new packaging idea that will enhance the experience of unboxing online orders?  Top ideas would make the individual(s) opening the package feel greater brand loyalty and inspire them to purchase from the retailer again.  
    1. Please provide a visual if it helps to convey your idea.
    2. If applicable, please tell us what type of product / order your idea would be most suitable for.  
  3. BONUS: Explain how your packaging idea could be turned into a tiered loyalty system so that it differentiates between customers who shop with that retailer more frequently / make larger purchases.


  • When we describe the "unboxing experience" we are referring to packages for items that are purchased on a more frequent basis rather than something you purchase every few years (like furniture).
  • As you consider deliverable 2, keep in mind your idea could change the design of the box to something more engaging.  In fact, it may not even be considered a "box" anymore!
  • Top ideas will keep cost-effectiveness in mind.  We want to see your creativity, but your idea needs to be something that could actually be implemented from a cost-perspective.
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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