Uncover the health benefits of whole grains

There are multiple benefits to eating foods containing whole grain, including but not limited to digestive health, weight management, and blood-glucose management. Conducting studies can provide compelling evidence to persuade people to make healthy changes, and we would like you to help us demonstrate the positive impact of whole grain on human health.

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Imagine you are tasked with providing evidence of the benefits of whole grain in the human diet. Propose a detailed test or study design to evaluate the benefits of whole grain foods and diets high in whole grain on human health.
You must include:
1) Test conditions, duration, and population.
2) Literature/references that support the validity/viability of your methodology.
3) Study designs must be for humans and can involve all stages of human development beyond age 2.
4) The proposed test must cause no harm to humans, be cost-effective, and usable/intuitive (no major barriers for use).

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