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How would you positively communicate the idea of upcycled ingredients for cosmetics?
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12 months ago
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Today's consumers are widely exposed to sustainable brands and products.  One approach to sustainability is upcycling, a process in which a discarded product or material (i.e. waste) is used to make something that is perceived to be of higher quality or value than the original.  

We are exploring the idea of using upcycled ingredients in cosmetic products such as skincare, personal care, makeup, and hair care / styling.   Instead of using exclusively virgin natural resources, we would be sourcing some ingredients out of leftover materials from production and fruit and vegetable harvesting.  This would help to conserve natural resources and make use of materials that would otherwise go to waste.  

Even with these environmental advantages, it's important for us to understand whether the concept of upcycling ingredients for cosmetics truly appeals to consumers.  Additionally, we want to communicate about it in a way that consumers will understand and view po