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Can you propose a solution to improve the state of US infrastructure?
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62 months ago
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The quality of today's US infrastructure (bridges, roads, power supplies, etc.) is deteriorating .  In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the US infrastructure a grade of D+!

Please consider the following facts which help illuminate some current issues and pressures facing US infrastructure: 

  • -More than 66,000 bridges are structurally deficient
  • -More than 2 trillion gallons of drinking water are lost annually due to water main breaks
  • -Power generation facilities and the electric grid are being stretched to the limit
  • -The US population is expected to exceed over 400 million by 2050 placing higher demands on US infrastructure
  • -As structures and facilities are aging, they are being utilized more often which necessitates more frequent maintenance

As a company, UL seeks to promote safe living and working environments and has an expansive range of technical expertise to employ in these endeavors.    *To learn more about UL, click here!


We are interested in the services and solutions that UL could develop as the US begins to make investments in upgrading its infrastructure.   Ideally, your proposed service or solution will incorporate the following elements:

  • -Leverage the UL Field Engineering network which includes engineers and technical staff located throughout the United States
  • -Leverage technology (Examples include sensors, data collection software, data analytics tools, etc.)
  • -Serve or improve the entire life cycle of a building or structure (e.g. bridge, tunnel, etc.), from commissioning through decommissioning

Considerations: Please review the following ideas that UL has considered. 

  • -Leveraging the UL network of Field Engineers to conduct assessments and monitoring of new and existing critical infrastructure elements.
  • -Employing sensors and other technologies to monitor the condition and performance of critical structures such as bridges throughout their life cycle. 
  • **Please do not submit ideas strictly around the completion of construction projects.  Please instead focus your solutions on our technology and expertise.  

Deliverables: Describe your own service or solution that leverages UL's network of US Field Engineers and technology. You can build off of the ideas above, or propose your own creative idea!

  1. What solution or service do you propose for UL to develop as the US makes investments and improves its infrastructure?  Please describe in detail.
  2. How does this service or solution upgrade US infrastructure?  Is it solving a current problem?  Is it improving a particular type of structure or system?  Does it prepare the US infrastructure to meet greater demands?

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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