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Use single serve coffee makers to make delicious desserts

Single serve coffee makers like the Keurig K-Cup and Nespresso have started to expand beyond exclusively making coffee. For example, these devices can now make hot chocolate, and other warm blended drinks. There is great potential to leverage single serve coffee makers in other areas - specifically to create ready-to-eat warm desserts.

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Please submit a solution for a ready-to-eat warm dessert that uses a single serve coffee maker in the preparation process. Solutions must include:
1) some artistic rendering (ex. picture, diagram, video) that breaks down the steps needed to make your dessert.
2) A written description that explains the preparation steps, ingredients used, and food types/name brands used.
3) Specify the amount of water used, size of the mug/cup/bowl used, and the necessary preparation to consumption time.

1) Desserts must be served in a 12-16 fl.oz mug or cup or bowl
2) Dessert must be consumed with a fork, spoon, or straw. NOT interested in watery or drinkable desserts.
3) Special consideration will be given to ideas that leverage the Keurig K-Cup Home Brewer.

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