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Use technology to eliminate massive paper waste
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Preparing the necessary slides and documents for new customers is a lengthy process that currently requires lots and lots of paper. For example, it is not uncommon to prepare 10-15 packets of 350 sheets of paper, as well as thousands of sheets of back table material and reference documents for each customer interaction. Once the customer engagement concludes, 95% of these documents are destroyed for confidentiality reasons. This results in high costs for materials, engineering staff time, and potentially even shipping and transportation costs if the materials need to be sent to an off site location.

To eliminate these costs and inefficiencies, we are interested in purchasing a set of tablets and developing an app that would allow us to:

a) Upload all the content required for the customer review

b) Hold the information in a secure manner (content could not be removed without the proper security credentials)

c) Have the app self-destruct the content on a certain date or after a specific period of time