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QUICK SOLVE: How do you express your values in the clothing you wear?
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39 months ago
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Everything we do, from how we greet someone, to what we post in social media, to the clothes we wear says something about who we are and the values we have. We want to know more about the values that matter to you, and how you express that in your life. We are especially interested in the values you have associated with your clothing choices in everyday life. We want you to explore optimism, what it means to “stay true to your roots”, and what your favorite outfits are in that context. How do you express the values that matter to you?

Two types of prizes for this challenge: 

  • 3 prizes for the best text responses - $50 each
  • 5 prizes for the best mood board or photo uploads - $75 each

Note: If you submit both text and mood board/photos, you can win multiple prizes!