US solvers: What's a new, exciting way to get your vitamin nutrition?
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Note: This challenge is restricted to solvers who live in the United States.

Modern consumers get their vitamin nutrition in ever-evolving ways. Just a few years ago, gummy vitamins were the cutting-edge trend, but today, all major manufacturers offer vitamins in gummy form for kids and adults. For many consumers who didn't like pills, gummies made taking a daily vitamin easier and more enjoyable.

Although the gummy form has provided an alternative in the category, there are still large groups of consumers who still don't take vitamins. Some of the barriers include compliance (“I won’t remember to take my vitamins every day.”), convenience (“Taking a vitamin doesn’t fit into my routine and will be one more thing I have to do every day.”) and skepticism around efficacy (“How will I know this regimen is working?”). We want to find a breakout format for vitamin nutrition that will attract new users to the category or provide a more enjoyable way of getting their daily vitamins versus needing to take pill after pill after pill. The goal is not to attract consumers who already buy other forms of vitamins, but ones who currently don't buy vitamins at all. We're open to outside the box ideas that totally rethink vitamins, including non-oral applications.


Tell us your breakthrough idea for a vitamin form that will attract consumers who currently don't buy vitamins or will make the experience more enjoyable for current users. Specifically, answer the following questions in detail:

  1. What new vitamin form do you think will attract new consumers to the vitamin category? Describe your idea: What is it made of? How does the consumer "take" the vitamin? What is the vitamin experience like?
  2. What potential benefits does your vitamin deliver? How can we differentiate the benefits of your vitamin  from gummy and pill vitamins?
  3. How does your idea appeal to consumers who don't buy gummy or pill vitamins? Describe your target consumer.
  4. What, if any, vitamins, minerals, or supplements do you take? How often?
  5. Do you have children? If so, what, if any, vitamins, minerals, or supplements do they take, and how often?

AVOID: Your idea should be different than the pill and gummy form vitamins that are currently on the market. We are looking for forms that are orally ingestible and that could remain within the vitamins aisle (avoid items like food and toothpaste).

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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