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US problem solvers: What's a new, exciting way to get your vitamin nutrition?
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42 months ago
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Note: This challenge is restricted to solvers who live in the United States.

Modern consumers get their vitamin nutrition in ever-evolving ways. Just a few years ago, gummy vitamins were the cutting-edge trend, but today, all major manufacturers offer vitamins in gummy form for kids and adults. For many consumers who didn't like pills, gummies made taking a daily vitamin easier and more enjoyable.

Although the gummy form has provided an alternative in the category, there are still large groups of consumers who still don't take vitamins. Some of the barriers include compliance (“I won’t remember to take my vitamins every day.”), convenience (“Taking a vitamin doesn’t fit into my routine and will be one more thing I have to do every day.”) and skepticism around efficacy (“How will I know this regimen is working?”). We want to find a breakout format for vitamin nutrition that will attract new users to the category or provide a more enjoyable way of getting their daily vitamins versus needing to take pill after pill after pill. The goal is not to attract consumers who already buy other forms of vitamins, but ones who currently don't buy vitamins at all. We're open to outside the box ideas that totally rethink vitamins, including non-or