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How can we optimize our health for a digital world?
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5 months ago
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In today's world, we spend more time looking at screens than ever before. With everyone home and looking for ways to stay connected safely, our digital worlds have become an integral part of life.  Whether for work, school, play, working out or socializing with friends, interactive screen experiences have become part of all of our lives.

But with such an emphasis on screens, we wonder - how can we keep our physical health strong in this digital world?

Our company produces delicious gummy vitamins with high-quality ingredients, that are appropriate for all ages. The vitamins are a delicious and easy way to stay healthy.

We want to find a way to merge our physical health with our digital worlds.  What vitamin product ideas do you have to help consumers improve their physical health for their digital activities?


We want to hear your clever vitamin ideas for digital consumers. Specifically, address the following: 

  1. What is your great new vitamin product idea for d