Can you create a demo for an in-shower volumizing hair product?
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7 months ago
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We provide a range of in-shower hair products, including shampoo and conditioner, to help women achieve voluminous hair.  Unlike competitor products, our in-shower hair products deliver noticeable volume and sensory benefits - think about touchably smooth, soft hair that is full of volume! 

We want women to know the superior performance of our in-shower hair products when it comes to leaving their hair full of volume and incredibly smooth.  That’s why we want you to come up with a clever visual idea that will showcase and/or represent the effectiveness of our in-shower products vs a competitor product.  Your visual idea should give women who see it an immediate understanding that our in-shower products will give them voluminous hair that truly feels as good as it looks!


Your task is to submit a visual idea that shows the superior performance of our in-shower hair products at leaving hair full of volume and smooth to the touch.  Your visual idea should fit the format of a social media post (or story), quick demo video, or physical ad. Specifically, your visual idea should center around the use of everyday objects to serve as an analogy and/or demonstration  for the effectiveness of our in-shower products.

Here are some additional guidelines:

  • The setting for your visual idea could take place anywhere - at home, in a hair salon, on the beach, in a park, on the street, etc.
  • You do not have to show advanced science of how the product works.
  • Your visual must include and/or reference the two physical hair products: 1) the volumizing product that has the benefits of volume and hair smoothness/softness and 2) a non-volumizing competitor.
  • We know this challenge is anonymous, so the products you feature in your demo (i.e. our product and the competitor product) should be hypothetical.
  • Your visual idea can show how the products work on hair but ideally it will also draw an analogy of its effectiveness using everyday objects (see examples below)
  • Your idea should last no longer that 30 seconds (ex: if it's a script, then it would need to be something that could be put into a commercial in under 30 seconds)
  • Your visual should be something that people might see in a TV advertisement, in a magazine, on social media, etc. 

**The winning ideas need to demonstrate the superiority of this in-shower hair product in a creative way.  Women should be able to understand it easily and be convinced that using this product will leave their hair looking and feeling beautiful and vibrant. 


  1. The volume of the balloons create a quick visual that serves as an analogy to the effectiveness of our hair product vs. a competitor’s.