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We want to recruit digital creators to a private online community where they can share thoughts and insights related to web content creation. Members of this community should:

  • Have a website
  • Regularly create digital content that is shared through a personal website or other social channels

Members of this community will have the chance to participate in discussions, surveys, and other projects and will receive compensation for their time and effort. 


Please take the survey below so we can find out if you're qualified to join our community. 


The first 50 respondents who qualify for the community will receive a $10 prize. The prize can only be claimed if you accept the invite to the community and log into the platform that will be used to communicate with members.


1) Please take the survey below so we can find out if you're qualified to join our community.


2) Once you've finished the survey, please copy the line below and paste/submit it as your MindSumo solution. This will allow us to process your payment if you are chosen as one of the first 50 qualified participants

I confirm that I have taken and submitted the survey. 

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