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What applications would get mobile users comfortable sharing their data?
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58 months ago
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Mobile advertising is a significant revenue opportunity for mobile Operators who possess a lot of valuable demographic information about their subscribers. However, a new FCC ruling is expected at the end of 2016 that places more stringent rules on Operators in terms of using and sharing anonymized subscriber data with advertisers.

The current regulation allows Operators to use subscriber data as long as they provide an option for users to opt-out. The new ruling is expected to require Operators to get an explicit opt-in from users before they can use or share anonymized subscriber information for advertising. This is already the current practice in most of Europe today. As a result, Operators all over are looking for creative solutions for soliciting opt-ins from their subscribers.


We're looking for your insights and ideas regarding on ways to create an environment where a user would be naturally inclined to share their information. Please submit the following:

1) Propose an idea for a service or mobile application that an Operator could provide that logically incentivizes subscribers to opt-in.

Note: this is similar to services provided by Google and Facebook where users agree that their data can be used in advertising as a condition of the users consuming the service.

2) Provide evidence to support why your se