What can you dig up about the impact of product durability advertising?
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WRAP was originally set up to help recycling take off in the UK and to create a market for recycled materials and is now continuing to help UK governments devise strategies to make best use of limited resources. More information is available at WRAP.org

WRAP is hosting this challenge to leverage the power of the crowd and better understand how people's opinions are affected by advertising and marketing. Specifically, WRAP hopes to uncover evidence of how advertising impacts people's views of a product's durability and longevity.


Your task is to post a request on relevant web forums in order to help gather data about product advertisements that communicate a product’s durability and longevity. There are no specific product sectors, demographics or geographic markets defined for this challenge. The products may be manufactured and sold anywhere in the world.

Submit the following:

1A) Input your list of links to the relevant forums to which you have posted HERE. You will also be asked to input your email address.

1B) Additionally, copy and paste your list of links into the MindSumo submission field to so that your work is officially recorded.

2) Submit your own best example of durability/longevity advertising by filling out this qustionnaire.

Sample text for your post:

“We would like your help to gather evidence of product advertisements/communications that influence people’s opinions and impressions relating to product durability and longevity. If you can spare 5 minutes, please answer help us by answering this questionnaire - http://bit.ly/whyisitreliableQ

NOTE: Please do not mention WRAP in the forums you post to, and make sure the messaging is consistent with the example text above. If necessary, the wording below can be amended to suit particular forums if you think it will increase your ability to generate interest from users in the forum. In order to avoid identical posts on forums, you should check the list of forums that have already been targeted at http://bit.ly/mindsumo to ensure it is not already listed.

CRITERIA: Submissions will be judged on the amount and quality of responses that are generated from the forums you identify and post to. Good luck!

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Top 5 share $250 Next 5 share $150
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