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What does the future of wireless look like to you?
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52 months ago
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Imagine you’ve just been hired to design the wireless carrier start-up of the future . . . what do you do? Today these types of companies sell smartphones, data plans, and wifi hotspots online and in retail stores. Looking at the next 5-10 years, how should they do business differently? How could this company get customers like you, your friends, and your family excited enough to switch from their existing carrier to this company’s service?


Please answer the following in detail:

  1. Write a plan that describes how this business would work. Considering the future of technology, what completely new, totally unique, or improved services and products should this wireless carrier offer? What services or products would you remove?
  2. What would be this company's competitive advantage – why would customers choose our company over all others?
  3. Now, let’s revolutionize the in-store experience. Reimagine what this wireless company could do with their brick-and-mortar stores to meet their business needs and more useful to customers. What could a wireless carrier do to make people visit their stores more regularly?