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What is possible when water heaters meet the Internet of Things?
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57 months ago
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The concept of the “Internet of Things” has quickly gone from being a thing of the future to the premier technology of here and now. More and more items, both residential and commercial, are making day-to-day life easier for consumers thanks to IOT connectivity. Now, this game-changing technology is entering the world of the water heater.

Water heaters are incredibly important in and out of the home. They aren't just for heating up your next shower; restaurants, hospitals, and more would be doomed to unsanitary conditions without water heaters.


NOTE: Try to think outside the box! Nest thermostat related ideas have been thoroughly explored.

Help us discover the endless possibilities of having a water heater connected to the Internet of Things. In your response, answer the following question for each setting:

  1. What are some features and benefits of IOT water heaters that would change the way we live?

    • a. In a residential home setting?