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What is the best way to improve risk assessment for loans?
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54 months ago
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For people who don't have a financial history, it can be extremely difficult to assess someone's risk when weighing whether or not to give loans. For convenience, most financial institutions use the simplest measure available, the credit score.

We are interested in exploring ways to build something comparable to a credit score for people without a financial history. This will enable us to engage customers that we have historically been unable to serve!


To start, get familiar with credit and credit scores, as well as the factors that affect each.

With that foundation for how financial risk is assessed today, submit the following:

1) What data points can banks and financial institutions use to make it possible for people without a financial history to build something comparable to a credit score?

2) Why did you select these data points? How can we collect this data?

3) Do you have any additional insights into technical ways to perform risk assessment? Analytics and algorithms will likely be useful tools here.

Scoring Criteria

Top submissions will formulate a compelling and data-driven argument for a new type of risk assessment. The necessary data must be accessible, and the proposed technology must be feasible.