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What is the best way to promote justice and equality in society?

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Justice and equality are vital components to a well-functioning civil society, and it takes watchdogs to ensure these principles are not trampled on. Bryan Stevenson has been a passionate advocate for justice and equality through his Equal Justice Initiative, which has won major legal battles regarding unfair sentencing, exonerating innocent death row prisoners, and confronting the abuse of the incarcerated and the mentally ill. These are a few areas where justice and equality must be safeguarded, but many more exist.

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Identify one issue in society where you feel justice and equality are being compromised, and explain the following:
1) What infractions of justice and equality do you see in this issue.
2) Describe what actions you would take (legislature, grassroots, PR campaigns etc.) to stop these infractions of justice and equality.

Note: All ideas should be original. Additionally, there are no jobs being offered in connection with this challenge.

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