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What is the ideal packaged ice cream cone product?
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94 months ago
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There’s an upscale ice cream brand that creates products from the finest high-quality, kitchen-friendly ingredients and offers a clean, simple flavors for consumers. This brand strives to be part of the consumer’s “me-time” – a time when he/she is savoring and enjoying their ice cream during that moment of solitude. One can also find these consumers indulging in high-end chocolate or fine wine.

We want to give people different ways to consume this branded ice-cream without diluting the experience or brand association consumers feel when indulging in our products.


Please complete the following:

1. Propose a new ice cream cone product that this brand could offer its consumers. Describe what the product should look like, including a description of:

a. The cone that holds the ice cream (including textures, inclusions, etc.)

b. The full ice cream cone product (cone that holds the ice cream + the ice cream, toppings, flavors, textures, ingredients, or inclusions)

c. Any unique packaging you would use.

2. Explain how this product stays true to the upscale brand image, without being confused with other mainstream ice cream cone products, such as Drumstick.

3. Attach an artistic rendering of what your idea would look like. Be sure to point out the elements that differentiate it from other cone products.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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