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What is the next big disruptive technology or consumer trend to integrate digital & physical commerce?

As a leading global retailer, it is imperative for Lowes to figure out the proper application of new technologies and emerging consumer trends.

Many of these technologies and trends help retailers seamlessly engage a customer from channel-to-channel; across both in-store and digital interactions.

Advances like self-checkout, mobile ads, or apps for same day delivery illustrate recent innovations to engage customers digitally, in stores, and in other locations.

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Please complete the following:
1) Propose an emerging technology or consumer trend that could be successfully implemented or utilized in the retail environment
2) Explain the user experience for your idea
3) Specifically, how could Lowes leverage your solution successfully given their brand, size, and target consumers?
4) Include any references used in your analysis (research reports, publications, etc.)

1) Ultimately, your solution should be related to bridging the gap between the physical and digital commerce worlds
2) Your solution can be either a write-up or slideshow presentation

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