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What pretzel snack will comfort cranky kids on the go?
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53 months ago
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In 1888, H.K. Anderson started in a Lancaster, Pennsylvania storefront bakery, hand-twisting German pretzels and baking them to a golden perfection. Since then, our company has grown to produce great snacks, like salty pretzel sticks, peanut butter nuggets, double baked butter balls, and honey wheat braids that everyone can love.

We want to create a new snack that fits in our line and will be great for hungry kids on the go. Imagine an active mother of three is driving her children from a football game to dance practice and they all have to wait until the afternoon to eat lunch. While the kids want empty calorie junk food snacks that will leave a huge mess and make other moms judgmental, this mom wants to keep her family going with a thoughtful snack that her kids like and she feels good about.


What's your idea for a craveable pretzel snack that on-the-go kids will love and moms will feel good about feeding to them? Specifically:

  1. Describe your snack in detail. What is it made of? How big is it? What are the flavors