What's the future of single-serve beverage packaging?
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9 months ago

Single-serve beverages have become increasingly trendy in recent years, with everything from sodas to energy drinks, fruit juices, water, coffee drinks, and more becoming popular single-serve options. Current packaging solutions for these beverages include things like clear bottles, cartons, cans, opaque bottles, and other options. We are looking for the next trendy single-serve beverage packaging that will take the market by storm.


Propose an idea for the next generation of single-serve beverage packaging. Your solutions should do the following:

  1. Explain why it would be appealing and functionally attractive to consumers.

  2. Detail the materials used, and what special attributes they would bring to the beverage consumption experience.

  3. Include a sketch or design of what your packaging solutions would look like. Point out the specific functionality of the packaging in your image.

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