What's the next great food mashup to feature a sweet baked good?

Television, magazines, and social media are exposing us to more and more new and unique food textures, forms, and flavors. Experimenting with new foods and flavors is exhilarating and an adventurous way to express one's personality. In response, more chefs, bakers, and food companies are combining the relative safety of a known food or ingredient with other foods to make something new and different.

Recent examples of this trend include the cronut, the brookie, chicken and waffles, or waffle tacos.

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What's the next food mashup that uses at least one sweet baked good to become an exciting trend among Millennials? Specifically:

  1. What food items would you combine to create a new mashup? Remember to use at least one sweet baked good.

  2. Describe the flavor and texture of this product.

  3. What would you name this product? Try for something catchy!

  4. Where would this product be sold: at grocery stores, bakeries, convenience stores, dine-in restaurants, or somewhere else? When would you eat this product, and how often?

CRITERIA: Remember, we are looking for new ideas, not slightly tweaked versions of the cronut, brookie, or other ideas listed above. Strong solutions will do a good job of describing the flavor, form, and texture of the product.

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