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What's the next great veggie dip?
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63 months ago
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When it comes to eating veggies, many people prefer theirs with a dip of some sort. Historically, many veggie dips have been sour cream based, but in recent years hummus has also emerged as a preferred option when it comes to snacking on veggies like carrots, celery, and other healthy choices. We believe there is room for innovation when it comes to veggie dips, and we're looking for your ideas to help us uncover the next trend in veggie snacking!


/!\ALERT/!\ Greek yogurt dip is something that is already established in the marketplace. Please think of a different idea. /!\ALERT/!\

Propose an idea for an alternative dip or sauce that people could eat with vegetables. Please include the following:

1) What ingredients would you use for your dip?

2) Why do you think it would be popular with consumers? What makes it better or different than existing alternatives?

3) What would you call your dipping sauce, and how would you market it as the preferred choice for dipping veggies?

4) If applicable, please attach an artistic rendering of what your dipping sauce packaging would look like.

Criteria: Avoid MSG, and other ingredients have lots of additives and preservatives