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What items do you want to protect over the next 10 years?
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68 months ago
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Historically insurance comes in many forms - auto insurance, renters, home, personal property, and life just to name a few. Since the early 20th century, insurance has played a role in people’s lives by covering them in the event of catastrophes, perils and unfortunate life events. In exchange, people and businesses typically pay some kind of monthly or biannual fee for the coverage.

However, new technologies such as the wearables, mobile, smart materials, cloud computing, social media, big data, drones, driverless cars, crypto currencies, contextual computing, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence are poised to permanently change the traditional insurance industry, disrupting old products services and outdated business models.


What does insurance look like to you in the 10 years?

Regardless of the technological changes on the horizon, what products, services or policy coverages could be offered to make you fall in love with your insurance company?