What is the best coffee or tea packaging experience from the store to home?
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Coffee and tea

Packaging has multiple functions: it protects the product, and also needs to attractively display coffee or tea on the shelf to appeal to consumers at purchase. It should hold up to repeated use after purchase, and be easy to dispose of when the consumer has emptied it.


Consider the optimal coffee or tea packaging for the different stages of the product's life cycle. Do you have a packaging design for coffee and/or tea that you would proudly display on your kitchen counter? Answer these questions in detail, and include any visuals or illustrations you believe would be helpful:

  1. What attributes/design features would you look for in coffee or tea packaging when it is on the store shelf?

  2. What functions would you look for in coffee or tea packaging once it has been purchased, and is now in the “use” stage? Be specific and detailed.

  3. How important is the aesthetic look of the package? What aesthetics would deter you from purchasing?

  4. Under what circumstances would you keep this packaging after use, and how would you repurpose it?

  5. How would your ideal coffee or tea packaging have to look to make you want to showcase it on your kitchen counter? Consider shape, material, color, and graphics. What other branded products do you think are visually appealing enough to leave on your kitchen counter?

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