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57 months ago
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Many companies are going for the “less is more” mentality. Esurance, for example, started selling insurance online with only a few options. Tesla provides their car owners with at home maintenance calls, sometimes before the customer knew there was a problem.

How can a wireless smartphone and device carrier embrace this trend to reinvent their business? We want to attract more individual and business customers for this company. We know that good network coverage, modern devices, and attractive prices are key, but what else would this “wireless company of the future” have to offer to make you switch? Think about ideas that are simple, fast, and convenient.


Submit a writeup including ideas on:

1. Communications– How does this future company communicate with you? What information do they send you? What don’t they send you?

2. Going in the store – When do you visit the “wireless store of the future”? What could you do online instead? What can never be done online-only?

3. New Plans - We’ve heard that some customers might prefer ‘pay-as-you-go’ data plans while others want unlimited data – which is right? What other ideas do you have?

4. New services – What new services should this company pr