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What would you propose for the kitchen faucet of 2025?
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67 months ago
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The kitchen faucet is one of the most essential tools in the home. It cleans food during preparation, eliminates messes, washes hands, and even bathes infants on occasion.

We’d like your help taking the kitchen faucet to the next level, specifically anticipating what a faucet could look like in 10 years.


To get the juices flowing, consider these questions: how is your kitchen faucet is used? How could it team up with other appliances? When is the faucet most essential? Beyond cleaning up, what else could a faucet do?

Your submission should include answers to these questions:

1) What technology based feature or function would dramatically improve your experience with the kitchen faucet?

2) How does this feature work?

3) What consumer pain does this solve? How?

4) Include diagrams, sketches, or renderings to illustrate your faucet’s functionality. If you are unable to make these, piece together images of