Who Should Receive Our Next Human Rights Grant?

Many individuals and groups stand bravely on the front lines and fight to defend the rights of their fellow citizens. They work to build a world in which respect for fundamental human rights becomes the rule and not the exception.

Our Front Line Fund Grant Program provides grants to groups and individuals to ease the financial burden of these struggles and assist them in their fight. You are tasked with finding our next Front Line Fund grant recipient. Who would you suggest and why?

For more FLF info, including past recipients, please visit: http://www.lantosfoundation.org/Programs_LantosFoundation_FrontLineFund.asp

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44 months ago
Small pic human rights

This challenge has received 16 submissions
Top 5 share $75
$15.00 Square pic 10289871 10201960419156136 8117956514514996001 n Princeton University
$15.00 P California Institute of Technology
$15.00 Square pic headshot kyle fedorchak University of Rochester
$15.00 Square pic myphoto fotor Carnegie Mellon University
$15.00 Square pic me Rochester Institute of Technology
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