Identify a win-win partnership for a wireless carrier

We are a wireless carrier with a really strong presence in Iowa, Nebraska, Maine, Washington, and several other regions (see attached Coverage Map). See our list of assets & capabilities attached for further information. We are looking to partner with companies to help our customers manage their families’ home, health, finance, or education.

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Identify the BEST partner for the wireless carrier within one of these four areas (home, health, finance, or education with respect to a family). In one (1) page, submit the following:

1. The unique product or service for a family made possible by this partnership
2. The value proposition to the wireless carrier
3. The value proposition to the partnering company
4. The value proposition to the parent(s)

Use one additional page to depict the idea with sketches, graphics, pictures, etc. Be creative!

The proposed partner companies can be traditional brick and mortar, online, service, etc.

Additional Materials:
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