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What is your idea for the next novel, new, or crazy gift?
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71 months ago
Small pic facebutt

Wow! Stuff is known for unique, creative, and irresistible toys and gifts. We're always looking for awesome product ideas, so this is your chance to bring your wildest gift ideas to life. Don't be afraid to submit wacky & outside of the box ideas. Our first product was the Arse / Face Towel (we call it the Butt / Face towel in the USA)!


Submit your ideas for ‘novelty' or 'design-led' gifts. We are looking for unique, funny, off-the-wall stuff, that would sell in stores for under $20 (see examples of the sort of things we like in the ‘Additional Materials’ section).

Your submission must include:

- A brief description of the gift

- Who you think the target consumer would be?

- What retail price do you think it would be?

To help communicate your gift idea, it might help to include a sketch, drawing, mockup or photo.


As well as receiving the cash prize, Wow! will credit the designer on the packaging of any entered concept that makes it to market, and send them a sample of the finished product as soon as it is manufactured!