Write a treatment for a Modern American one-act play or film

Benh Zeitlin has received critical acclaim for his film, Beasts of the Southern Wild, a piece that details the life of a girl named Hushpuppy living in a small Bayou community in the south. Due to its vivid portrayal of a niche community and culture, the film has been described as an Americana masterpiece.

The United States is known for its multitude of different cultures where each state can seem like a separate country at times. So what is it that makes a piece of art or part of culture ‘American’?

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Submit each of the following:
1) A treatment (List of characters and plot summary) of a one act play, short film or documentary that represents modern american culture
2) A description of what makes this piece of work “American”?

Note: All ideas should be original. Additionally, there are no jobs being offered in associated with this challenge

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