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Inspire young people to care more about their health
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68 months ago
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Health is something we cherish when we’re sick and often ignore when we’re healthy. It takes foresight and discipline to actively manage your lifestyle and build healthy habits like a good diet, frequent exercise, and regular doctor visits.

The implications of a well-managed, healthy lifestyle are enormous. Several trillion dollars would be saved annually if preventable chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, addiction, and obesity and were reduced.


We would like to inspire people, sick or well, to actively and knowledgeably participate in their health. Your objective is to get people, especially young people, to care.

Answer each of the following questions separately in your submission:

1. What technology solutions or behavioral insights would help inspire your peers to care about their health? (min. 1 paragraph)

2. Why would this lead to increased engagement with health? (min. 2 paragraphs)

Bonus: Reference any research, personal experiences, or applications of this solution you’ve seen in other venues. (option