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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at ​Goldman Sachs


Graduate Scheme

Goldman Sachs appeals to me because of its culture to take employee as the greatest asset which means Goldman Sachs will provide employees with great opportunity of improvement and benefit. For example, Goldman Sachs offers new employees the chance to receive formal training in Goldman Sachs University and specific practice. For an engineering student looking for advanced business knowledge training, this chance will be a great appeal for me. Also, Goldman Sachs dedicates to builds a diverse work environment and workforce for difference requirements of clients. While with mechanical and aeronautical engineering background as well as conversational German and native Chinese language, I will bring new ideas and perspectives from different sections and cultures to Goldman Sachs in turn.

Also, I have equipped myself with project initiation, statistics management and analysis capabilities in the past experience. During my internship in Audi (China) as a technical market requirement and competitor intern analyst. I launched the project “Technical Route Analysis” about automotive industry technology trends and technical route of each OEMs beside my routine work about competitor assessment. I collected statistics and processed those information with colleagues from different departments. Then analysed those information with models like Michael Porter's Five Forces Model, SWOT model and IFE-EFE model. The report was delivered to the senior personnel meeting for further discussion and now this project has become the routine work of Audi EG department. I was lucky to receive a permanent job offer from EG department director of Audi China. I also acted as team leader in several activities and projects to build up leadership and problem solving ability.

Thank you very much for your kindly consideration. I would be pleased to provide further information about myself in person. 

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