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It is with great interest that I am forwarding my resume for consideration as a candidate for L2 Support Engineer

Looking back in my life, I was always good at dealing with IT tasks from my elementary school years. I used to access the Internet in order to get all kinds of information. I also worked on pictures, videos and even web pages easily. For this reason, I decided to enroll in a computer lab after I came to my university, and I could learn a lot about networking and programming. During the first year, It was simple for me to understand the network. I really enjoyed troubleshooting it and I could even set up my own mail server in just two weeks. Two years into my studies I had a chance to manage the mail server of our faculty. Now, I am sure I have a passion for the field of Information and communication Technology.

Furthermore, I have always wanted to work abroad in the future. The reason why I chose to apply for a global graduate program is that I am attracted to the prospect of working in a dynamic and international environment. --- is definitely the opportunity that I have been waiting for and I have always wanted to do. The opportunity to work for such a historic and successful company like Mizuho would be extremely rewarding, that’s why I see this as a fantastic opportunity. I have excellent planning, organizing and training abilities. I believe that I am a qualified candidate for your company. So I would greatly appreciate this opportunity.

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