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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at ABB





Dear Sir or Madam,

I was recently introduced to your firm via a friend and was impressed with what I learned of your culture, working environment and ambitious attitude. Overall I was left with a refreshed insight and renewed perspective as regard to what my own role could be in such settings. I am interested in pursuing the analyst position as I feel that the high-paced, time-sensitive environment where team-work is essential and where my input matters, fits me perfectly.

I currently work as an analyst at a trading firm. Through the experiences that I have gained in this role, executing trades with buyers and sellers etc. I have improved my quantitative and analytical skills as well as my knowledge of business and the physical trade life-cycle. In addition to that I have further advanced my time management and team-working skills.

Given my background and skills, coupled with my belief that this type of work is fun and my interest in the commodities markets, I would describe myself as an exceptionally good fit for the position. 

Kind regards, 

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